Christmas Spirit

I’ve always been one to go all out at Christmas, you know, that crazy friend who has her tree up practically in October and this year was no exception! However, as the days sail away, unfortunately so has my spirit and now with it being Christmas eve eve I’ve noticed an ever slight loss in festivity! This can only be down to one thing: age, and growing up and out of things. So I’ve spent this week going Christmas crazyyy…


Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Kiss Of Life 111
Rimmel: Kate Matte Lipstick 111

First and foremost, I recently purchased the Kate Moss Rimmel London 111 Kiss of Life dark red matte lipstick. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a red lip but you’ve gotta be brave to flaunt it so I save this shade for Christmas specials!





And of course, the real way to feel christmassy is to visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and do a teeny bit of Christmas shopping…

I also snapped up a couple of bargains in Primark as I find it is best with seasonal, more novelty items…

I have not stopped burning these two fabulous spiced candles. If you are looking for a variety of really good quality and lovely candles, go and check out TK Maxx’s range. They never disappoint!


Finally, I have been LOVING my current Christmas nails and gingerbread house, so much so, its too good to eat!!


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