January 2016 Favourites

I cannot believe January is almost over! It has absolutely whizzed by! So I have put together all my January home-wear/lifestyle favourites to share with you lot, so you can also enjoy them.

Kinps Diffuser Ultrasonic: £15

This month I have been loving my new ultrasonic steam diffuser for essential oils. I now have a collection of around 10 essential oils, my favourites including lavender, tea tree and vanilla. Fortunately for me (since I am very prone to burns!) the steam evaporates due to a vibrating plate causing the molecules to split rather than be heat. The diffuser also has four different colour options allowing it to fit various moods and situations. Finally, it also has a time on it meaning it will not overheat or run your electricity bill so high!


Star Constellation
Star Constellation Phone Case


I recently purchased this phone case cheaply from amazon. I love the new transparent craze however wanted to try to get a more unique case than the typical one. It still just about allows me to fit money and train tickets in the back if need be which works in my favour. I think this case gives a fun yet classy look to the phone and comes at a very cheap price!



John Lewis Lava Lamp: £25

Okay, one of my absolute January favourites had been this lava lamp. When it reaches the end of the day and dusk begins to fall, this lava lamp looks so beautiful. It shares similar qualities to a fire meaning as you watch it you slowly feel yourself falling into a trance. If you’re ever feeling anxious or on edge, a lava lamp is just a perfect extra feature to add to your room. I didn’t realise quite how much I would love it until I finally got it. Highly recommended to anyone!



Personalised Towel

My mum bought my sister & I each a personalised towel for Christmas. This may seem like an absolutely ridiculous idea but it actually turned out to be fantastic! It means there’s no more awkward troubles or accidently using each others towels or using one which has already being used!




Spotify Premium

I’ve always used Spotify but I’ve never been one to purchase extras or the Premium. However, Spotify ran an offer which meant I got 3 months of Premium for just 99p. The only problem with this is that I have to remember to cancel it after the 3 months otherwise I start getting charged to normal rate each month. However, I have found that there is a huge difference with having Spotify Premium meaning I can take my music wherever I want and not have to worry about using 3G.



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