Trends to Follow

I absolutely love being ahead of the seasons trend and I’m sure you all do too! Therefore, I have put together a collection of the major looks to follow this season as well as some of my favourite examples.


Image 1 of ASOS Pleated Maxi Skirt

  1. Pleats

One of my absolute loves at the moment is pleats! This fashion kind of hit 2015 summer with the AA Tennis Skirt, but now length seems to be a bigger deal.

Matched with a simplistic pair of heels or plimsolls for a more casual overall look.



**Cropped Stripe Knit by Glamorous Petites

2. Stripes

Recently, I have also found that stripes are absolutely everywhere. Stripes are always a been a go to pattern look however, more and more now we see the recurring bold stripes making an appearance.

It has also become more and more common for stripe patterns to explore items of clothing e.g. trousers and skirts.

Remember: whilst vertical stripes can have a slimming and elongating effect, horizontal can have quite the opposite.



3. Oversized Denim Jacket

The denim jacket came back into fashion a couple of years back and has been a consistent trend since but this year its all about oversized.

Even double denim is becoming acceptable if worn correctly. Style icon Jessica Woodley has been sporting this look in recent MIC episodes convincing us even more into trying the look.



4. The Baseball Cap

Complete a casual outfit with a simplistic cap. Wear it both for fashion and/or protection from the sun during the summer months.

We are especially loving the neutral colours of stone, black and grey.





5. Patches

Finally, patches! They’re everywhere! and a perfect way to customise your clothes for a cheap price, one of my favourites is this ‘Bad Habitats’ one by Skinnydip London.

DIY: Vintage denim jacket covered in patches which represent you and your own style. Works perfectly hand in hand with the oversized denim jacket.


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