Let’s talk brows…

Now a days, it’s all about brows. The obsession of the decade. We marvel over the features of celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Watson and with new advances including eyebrow transplants and microblading, the perfect brow is becoming even more accessible. However, is the groomed, HD brow look fading?? It appears so with the increased display of ‘bare brows’, as highlighted at the NYC Marc Jacobs Catwalk and many other highly admired fashion icons. Well we’ve got you covered, all the brow basics are displayed below, whether it’s shape or style you’re after, we’ve got the answers.

  1. The current trends
  2. Whats my shape?
  3. Waxing, threading, plucking
  4. Brow dying

The Current Trends

The ‘on fleek’ eyebrow style which bombarded us throughout 2014/2015 seems to be making a disappearance as the make up too-polished look is being tuned out. The untouched brow seems to be re-emerging in the likes of the ‘bare brow’ or conversely the ‘messy brow’.

Opposite to too-groomed and polished, smoky eyebrows which are full and slightly messy are making a come back. They give the youthful, fresh faced appearance as resembled by Cara Delevingne.



The fashion or not, these brows definitely provide an easier, less time consuming up keep!

The bare brow, on the other hand, quite literally means dying your eyebrows to give a lighter, invisible appearance. Despite lighter facial hairs being repeatedly modelled down the catwalk, I can’t say this look has taken off down the high street, however, keep your eye out for it.



What’s my Shape?

Believe it or not, as well as fashion, individually we all have our ideal brow shape which will naturally work to enhance your appearance. For example, angular eyebrows on rounder faces offer illusions of enhanced bone structure whilst rounder styles provide a softer appearance.

Oval: On oval faces we want to maintain this shape and generally aim for soft angles. A slight arch will provide structure and awaken the face.

Round: Those with rounder faces will understand the struggles of combating the appearance of a fat face. A high arch ultimately extends and exaggerates the size of the eye  therefore occupying more space on the face. The higher gradient of the arch counteracts the softer angles of the rest of the face, therefore, giving a thinner appearance.

Square: These on the other hand provide the opposite challenge in which the face can appear harsh by which gently curved, however high arches will balance sharp jaw lines therefore making the face appear softer.

Heart: Heart shaped faces tend to have traits such as more angular chins and larger foreheads. In order to balance this, begin with low arches and then add the required volume onto the top of the brow in order to increase occupation on the forehead.

Waxing, Threading and Plucking

How you tame your furry friends is ultimately down to personal choice. There is no right or wrong answer. However, I have found that there are ups and downs to each option. Personally, I am a wax with a side of pluck kind of girl. I am a firm fan of waxing due to the speed and long lasting results. I like to get my eyebrows waxed on a monthly basis (when I have the time!) and pay £10 each time, however in between the waxes, I may tweezer out the odd hair. The process is very simple, a hot wax is applied with and applicator around the brows and whipped off removing any hairs it sticks to. Occasionally, my beauty therapist will then go in with a pair of tweezers and beauty scissors to neaten up the final look (which is a real treat). Overall, despite being left with a very red head, the whole process really isn’t that painful. It is very quick and so far as I’m aware, unlike plucking it hasn’t lead to any extra blemishing or prolonged redness.

Threading on the other hand, I believe is a lot more painful. The process is a lot more prolonged as each individual hair is pulled out. I would suggest this option rather than waxing to anyone with thinner, less generous brows due to the precision achieved. In my case, considering the fact that my eyebrows are rather thick, waxing does the job just fine.

Eyebrow Dying

Do your research!! Eyebrow dying I highly recommend IF you are going for that HD look. I made the mistake last summer of getting my very thick eyebrows dyed and came out with a literal pair of slugs above my eyes. You will have a shock, for the first 24 hours your eyebrows seem unusually dark and very very square. following exfoliation, some of the dye is removed and their appearance does fade. If it is your first time getting them dyed, i couldn’t recommend enough asking for the dye to only be left on for a very short period of time, 10-20 seconds is long enough to give a sufficient tint. The service however, is not quite my cup of tea and despite returning to the beauty therapist to get my eyelashes tinted, my eyebrows will remain au natural.















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