You’re alive, but are you living?

Here’s a question for you.

Are you really living?

You will not regret reading this.

I spent my years growing up looking for answers. I always have and always will be inquisitive like that, constantly striving for perfection in everything I try do, whether that’s within my social, educational or home life. But, and there is a but, not so long ago I started asking more abstract questions to myself, no-one else. And that was, I’m learning but am I living?

Life felt like a cycle. Day in, day out. Wake up, study, feel tired, procrastinate, sleep, plus, the additional dash of socialising. It is important, so so important to create routines and structure in your life, otherwise how will you ever achieve your goals.

HOWEVER, do you ever get these moments where you just step back and realise that you’re counting down. Always counting down to one thing or another. Excitement and looking forward to something is an amazing feeling but once you look at the bigger picture and realise that, it eventually reaches a point where you’re wishing each day away. Well, I want to reach a state of mind by which, yes, I will still have high points in my life that I will look forward to but I will not necessarily be edging my life on in order to reach these certain points.

I understand, it’s a difficult concept to get your head around but I want to make sure that I am living each day to the fullest. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be out and about on adventures 24/7 but, I am on the search for similar, open minded people who have the ability to look at life from an alien perspective. We are each blessed to have an opportunity on this planet but life is not endless. We have around 3,363,840,000 heartbeats. For sure we have bad days, difficult, tiring, self esteem knocking days but I am desperate to start making the ok days, pride worthy, fun, interesting days so that 3,363,840,000 heartbeats later, I will look back at this post and read the beginning, knowing that by the time I have made it past the 9th word I won’t need to read anymore, I won’t want to because I will have it all. Even if that all is just a very tiny bit.

The truth is, I don’t know what I’m doing and that scares me a lot but if we lose each day at the cost of worrying, progress is never made, only a loss of one of the most precious things on earth, time, which not even the richest man alive can buy back.


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